CoinPot is a micro-wallet service which offers several faucet websites where you can claim free portions of cryptocurrency every couple of minutes.


The advantage of Coinpot from other similar websites is the fact that any amount you claim from their faucet websites is automatically credited in your CoinPot wallet.

There’s also an option to quickly convert all the supported coins between each other — this way users can get quicker to the payment threshold and withdraw their earnings.

Besides claiming Bitcoin, you can also collect other cryptocurrencies like DogecoinLitecoinDash, and Bitcoin Cash as well.

Here’s how you can earn Bitcoins through Coinpot! Follow this simple steps:

1. First, you must have a Bitcoin Wallet. For a secure multi crypto wallet that will allow you do receive almost every crypto that you will be earning from coinpot, i recommend you to use Huobi, you can download the wallet for free Here.


2. Register on Coinpot which will serve as your wallet for BTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE and LTC. Here’s the link 

3. Register in these faucets to claim your coins. Use the same email address that you used to register in Coinpot in registering to the faucet sites.

Coinpot Faucets

TIP: Make sure to visit the faucet sites as often as you can to increase your earnings. Convert your earnings from different coins to just one coin to easily meet your withdrawal requirements. I usually set a timer of 10 minutes, and claim from both faucets each and every 10 minutes at the same time, hope you enjoy earning free cryptocurrency using Coinpot.


We also created a smooth Coinpot UI for both devices, you can choose to go to the Coinpot UI and claim all faucets with ease or simply choose to install our NEW coinpot faucet app below.

Coinpot Auto Roll Hack