Beruby is in fact a company currently present in 11 countries, with over 1.7 million registered users (in 2011) and more than 3 million visits per month. The purpose of the site is to make or save all its members …


Beruby presents an excellent cashback system, one of the best in terms of percentage of “repayment”.
Also until 12/31/19 you will receive 10% of all refunds of the Shopping and Travel section generated by your direct guests, registered starting from 01/09/2018. Every time an invitee will make a purchase or a reservation, you will see your balance increase.

How to make money online with Beruby

As said, Beruby allows you to earn online mainly through cashback. Access the site where you want to shop through the link you find on the page (purchases section) and then complete your order online.

Any purchase made in over 400 stores in Beruby will guarantee a refund in euros that you can see in your balance, and which you can cash in your bank account or PayPal.


But there are also other ways to increase your income:
booking your flights, hotel, car rental, etc. they will generate a refund in euros which you will see displayed in your Beruby balance and which you will be able to cash into your bank account or PayPal, you will also find Coupons or Discount Codes in the Offers section.

You can also earn money without making purchases through your Internet activity (for example by participating in surveys, viewing videos, registering with sites, etc.).

Referral system in Beruby


There are various methods for creating references and / or earning bringing friends to Beruby . Starting from 01/09/2018 every friend who registers using your link will earn you 10% of the cashback cashing until 31/12/2019. The same applies to the logos and banners on the site.