Bitcoin Pool Review - Mine Bitcoins Using Any Device (Scam Or Legit?) - Earn Money & Cryptocurrency Online

Bitcoin Pool is provided directly by and aims to provide the most competitive clouding mining service. Bitcoin advertise that they deliver the highest Pay Per Share (PPS) pool globally with a 98% block reward.


Set up is easy and you can start mining immediately, either on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Bitcoin Core (BTC), whichever seems the most profitable to you. Monitoring is also easy to do through mobile apps for Android and iOS, so you can keep track of your account usage and value as often as you want.

There are three different plans currently on offer, with a 6 month contract costing $5,248.50 upfront, with a $15.00 daily fee included on top. The one-year contract costs $10,498.50, also with a daily fee of $15.00, while the two-year contract is currently priced at $13,498.50 upfront, also with a $15.00 daily fee. Note that the contract will end if the total revenue from the past 30 days is less than the total daily fee for the same period.


Another point of note is that while Bitcoin prices are currently subdued after its peak in 2017, will end any contract where fees exceed income over 60 consecutive days.

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