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Cointiply is a Faucet where you can earn satoshi of bitcoin or in dogecoin. In order to earn points this site is now to start a roll where based on the number coming out of a point of points, a minimum of 41 points, a maximum of 548.

In order to earn money, you need to roll, which is allowed every hour, and complete a captcha code. In this faucet you earn points that can be converted into bitcoin satoshi or into dogecoin. In addition to be able to earn you can complete offers or surveys on the site.

A point mining method has recently been available which, by buying specific packages, can undermine these points. Obviously, the more expensive your package will be to undermine, the more points you will be able to undermine. The maximum number of packages purchased for mining are 9, ranging from a cost of 2000 points to a maximum cost of 25,000 points.

There are 3 different minimum payouts to make the withdrawal. If you have an account on it is possible to collect Bitcoin satoshi at 35,000 points. If you do not have an account on you can make the withdrawal, and deposit it on any bitcoin wallet, at a minimum of 100000 points. Finally, if you want to withdraw to deposit on any dogecoin wallet, you will need at least 50,000 points.

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