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BTC Clicks is one of the many websites on the internet that promise to make money through paid link clicks or by signing up to sites offered. However, BTC Clicks has a big and substantial difference from all the other PTC sites reviewed so far in GetMyRefs: it allows you to earn in BitCoin.

Honestly, we do not know if this is a drawback or disadvantage for this virtual payroll (for those who do not know BitCoin, we’ll talk a bit about the “Extra Considerations”), but BTC Clicks now have over 80,000 subscribers, so a note of merit must have it!

The mechanism is very simple: just click on the “Surf ADS” at the top left and on this page you will find all the links that will pay you (including the mBTC compensation figure, ie 1 mBTC = 0.001 BTC). Once you click on the link, you will always open a new window where the classic countdown will start.

Withdrawals can take place once you have more than 0.0001 BTC (0.1 mBTC) equivalent to 0.1 $ real (always considering the current conversion rate of 1 BTC).
Let’s remember then how they can only be picked up on the BitCoin build site previously suggest.

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