Ojooo Wad Review – Earn Bitcoins By Viewing Advertisements (Scam Or Legit?)

The site called Ojooo is a PTC site from germany. The site with the weird name offers mainly PTC ads, but you can also use one of the offerwalls. Ojooo works with a lot of different offerwalls, you can choose your favourite one to work with. Ojooo is operated by a german company and that's a real good thing. Germany

Probux Review -Get Paid To Surf/Click Advertisements (Scam Or Legit?)

This is one of the fastest-growing PTC sites. The tasks on this platform simply involve clicking on ads to earn money. Although it's not a site that will make you rich overnight, patience is a requirement when working on Probux. This is because some tasks pay little, albeit they are super easy. Your earnings can also increase if you buy

CoinBulb Review – How To Earn Bitcoins Online By Completing Simple Tasks & Playing Games

CoinBulb is a bitcoin pay to click (PTC) website that allows its users to make money online just watching advertisements. You can view 15 to 20 ads a day, gaining around 0.00005 mBTC for each. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.15 mBTC (0.00015 BTC or 15,000 Satoshi ), and each payment is processed within 48 business hours. Language: English  and Spanish  (With Google