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FreeBitCoin is a Faucet which every hour allows you to collect saturated tot. That tot will depend on many factors, first of all, from the real value of Bitcoin: the more it is taller and less the rolled, the more it will be low and the rolled will be rich.

Graphics are simple and essential, but each part of the site is easily accessible and explained in detail. The site is in English. Collecting satoshi, with FreeBitCoin, is easy.
Once logged in to the site log in and you can start collecting them simply by rolling each time (every hour for accuracy, by clicking the ROLL button). This requires the insertion of a captcha preventive code, nothing more.

How to make money online with Freebitcoin

How it works Free Bitcoin:
– ROLL can be done every hour;
– you must compile a captcha code;
– Depending on the range in which the rolled number is (there are 6 range bands), you will win satoshis.
You can also bet by betting rolls ‘HI’ and ‘LOW’ both automatically and manually.

Personal advice: Try to have a good number of satoshi before betting, so you can relaunch yourself in the event of roll-over loss and do it manually!
Second Board: Try to have many REWARDS so that you can activate every 24 hours (this is the time REWARD will take effect) that will allow you to have 1000% on the rolled value hourly.

For example, today, 17/10/2017, with Reward 1000% Bonus on ROLL, the value was 0.00001080 satoshi, multiply by 24…. well, I would say that as a faucet is not absolutely bad no?
There are really a lot of Reward, which I use in conjunction with the “Reward 1200 Free BTC Bonus” is the REWARDS POINTS BONUS, which will allow you to roll, to have 1200 more satoshi and 100 rewards more.

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In this way, by activating the Rewards every 24 hours (remember that otherwise it expires), the high number of Rewards available remains.

How to Get Rewards:
– 2 per roll rolled;
– 1 per roll of your Referrals;
– 1 every 0.00000500 satoshi wagered.
There is then a lottery that allows you to earn a lot.
Every Sunday evening, then, you will be extracted by 10 random users, the first will generally win an amount that is almost always on the 2 BTCs!
And believe me, you do not have to have millions of lottery tickets, I’ve seen a few months ago, winning 2 BTCs with just 10 tickets: luck here is a lot.
Tickets are accumulating:
– 2 every roll;
– 1 Roll made by your Referrals;
– 1 every 0.00000500 satoshi wagered.

Other advice: Do not activate the Rewards that will allow you to have more tickets; in my view, seeing every 10 of the ten extracts on a Sunday night is really a factor of luck, so I think it is much more useful to accumulate Reward Points to activate the Free BTC Bonus (1000% Bonus on Rollage fee, for example, 3200 RP (Reward Point) and Reward Points Bonus Points plus rolled (eg 100 RP extra each rolled, cost 1200 RP every 24 hours.
Let’s talk about the method of collection.

You can do this when you want, going to the appropriate section. Do not forget, however, that from 0.00003000 satoshi, FreeBitcoin will offer you a daily, monthly and annual fee based on the BTC you will have on your account.
In the meantime, you will be free to perform the partial or total Withdraw of accumulating: every Sunday (with the automatic system) or manually, that is, when you want to!

A tip: Do not use the quick extra withdrawal or even the quick one, I used that base, and, as mentioned shortly, in 5′ exactly I had them on my Coinbase account! You will also save the few expenses required for Witdraw.

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In the settings, remember that you have to enter your BTC address easily obtainable from the portfolio you are using (in my case, use Coinbase). As well as downloading, you can deposit, at the address that FreeBitcoin will tell you, satoshi and/or BTCs. In this case wager will be a lot easier and win as well, but be careful not to take it from the game!

Bets are not compulsory, they make it easier to build up Rewards points, yes, and raise your own amount of times, but remember that you can accumulate well even without wagering with Rolls every single hour and try in the blind goddess at the weekend, on Sunday.

Also some referrals, as always, do not hurt.
There is also the possibility to share with them a total gain on the basis of the activity or a fixed share for each Ref or as best we prefer!

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