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FanSlave is one of those internet sites that allow you to earn money by using Facebook simply by clicking “Like” on the pages advertised.

It is not just about Like on Facebook: Twitter, Google, Youtube, all social networks that allow you to earn money thanks to people and / or companies that need advertising on the web.
FanSlave is definitely one of the opportunities to monetize the world’s most popular Facebook with more than 1 million subscribers!

The site, even if it is not translated into Italian, is very intuitive and easy to use with a welcoming graphic that allows the user to always have everything under control.

FanSlave also pays PayPal to reach $ 15.00 (counting that 1 credit is worth $ 0.005 means having to reach 3,000 credits).
The payout set at $ 15.00 seems to be a bit ‘too high, but count that there are Facebook pages that offer up to 16 credits for each single “Like” and there are about 10/15 FanPages per day.

Moreover, the site offers a reference system which is the real core of the gain! For each invited friend it is possible to accumulate 15% of the earnings obtained by him … many friends invited = so much money, did you understand what is the “secret” of this site?

Obviously it does not allow to abandon one’s work, but with constant effort and with a modest “team” of referrals it easily fits the salary at the end of the month;).

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