The gain on the BFast BFree app is very simple and immediate. Just click on the GO button and a filing cabinet will light up according to a random numerical rotation.


When the number is chosen, this will start a video; you will need to see the video to win the points at stake.

The number of times that you can click on the GO button is really high, but once you reach a certain number, the application will give you the opportunity to take a break of 40 minutes or 10 minutes.


Depending on the use made of it, there will be a break. From an earnings point of view it is an excellent way to collect small amounts of bitcoin fractions.

Referral system in Bfast Bfree

In this case there will be a bonus code to be used at the time of the invitation of the person and you get a 5% of the earnings of their guests.

How to withdraw in Bfast Bfree


Earnings are withdrawn via the coinbase portfolio. The minimum withdrawal is 1500 satoshi, reachable in a few minutes. For the payment request, just go to the menu at the top left where there is only the word REQUEST PAYMENT. The timing for the requested payment is almost immediate.