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Spells of Genesis is one of the longest-running bitcoin RPGs to date. The game is a combination of a trading card game with arcade-style gaming features.

Spells of Genesis is a free game based on blockchain technology that enables you to collect, trade and combine orbs in order to design the strongest gameplay deck and test them against other contestants while exploring the mythical world of Askian.

Spells of Genesis allows you to actually own your in-game items and cards on the blockchain itself. Consequently, you can also earn bitcoin directly within the game. You can also collect blockchain cards, which are essentially digital assets that can be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain as well as exchanged or traded outside the game.

Spells of Genesis additional features include:

  • Tradeable blockchain cards
  • BTC prizes
  • Active community
  • Customer support

VERDICTIf you enjoy RPG with the added benefit of earning bitcoin and tradeable items, then Spells of Genesis is for you. 

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