Yannik is a german faucet and it’s on the internet since 2015. That means, it’s one of the oldest faucets out there and there are some good reasons, why it’s around for so long. It’s well paying and really easy to use. You can earn Bitcoin and IOTA there.


Sadly, the interface it really bad. It’s hard to navigate through the site, because everything seems to be out of order. It’s hard to describe, it’s best to see for yourself. Nevertheless, it’s still a really good faucet and we can recommend it.

You also see the admin of the site in the imprint and that’s really rare. Most owners are completely anonymous and if some problems occur, you get no help at all.


At Yannik, you know exactly who is operating it and in the worst case, you could even sue him. That’s a really good sign for a legit faucet and it’s way too rare in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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