BuzzBreak is an app that you can download on Google Play As they mention, you can read news from well-known websites and earn points. Later, you can redeem these points for cash.


There are over 300k downloads and some payment proofs. Most user reviews of BuzzBreak are positive. It’s easy to install and use the app so, it can work for most users.

Getting paid for reading articles is not something new. The only thing you need to do is to choose an article, wait for 30 seconds on the selected page, and earn the points.

Then, you can go to the next article if there are more available options.
There are already other websites that pay to read the news or watch videos. You find similar tasks on various GPT sites.


BuzzBreak is unique because it offers a friendly interface instead of the boring pages of other websites.

Scam Or Legit?

BuzzBreak is a simple and straightforward application. With a few words, it is user-friendly. You will not get confused, and it’s easy to pick up offers. However, the rewards for reading articles are very low.


For each task, you will earn less than one cent. So, you can’t be serious about making money with BuzzBreak. You will not make enough to pay your bills or earn an extra income.