BtcVic is an active PTC for about a year that allows to earn bitcoins (satoshi) simply by displaying advertisements.
It is possible to request the withdrawal at 0.00015000 BTC.


Simply click on the “view ads” page and once 10 seconds have elapsed, you will get a certain amount of bitcoins. The gain from referral clicks is 50%.
50 satoshi as a gift for registration, there are no premium subscriptions but only the standard profile.

The main language is English and the graphic aspect even if a little Spartan is of immediate and easy comprehension. You can request payment on any bitcoin address (coinbase, blockchain, etc.).


Payment can be requested on any bitcoin address, the minimum payout amount is 0.00015000 BTC.
At the top left, once registered, there is the “view ads” screen: once clicked, the various ads of the day appear; on average they are to be displayed for 10-20 seconds but there are also some 70 or 100 seconds and in this case the bitcoin gain that will be credited will be greater.

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