Wordlinx pays when the $ 10 is reached exclusively on Paypal. Payza or other payment processors are not supported. To request payment, once you enter your account, you need to click on “Money Earned / Cashout”, which will take you to the page where our earnings are listed, those obtained from the ref and the cashouts you have previously requested. From there just ask for payment on our Paypal account.


In order to earn on WordLinx, you must click on the one-day, standard, user-targeted ads of $ 0.001. To access the ad unit, you need to log into your account, then click on “Browse Ads”: the various ads with the relevant value will appear. Once clicked, a window opens with a first countdown, in focus: this is only for standard users, if you upgrade your first countdown is deleted.

Once this is finished, an “View Paid Advert” arrow will appear, and click on it to access the countdown, this time without focus. When that is finished, there will be colored squares and you will need to click on the square that is the same as the one on the left. Then you will be directed to the advertised site.


In addition to cents (an average of three per day), you also earn points: once you’ve finished seeing all your ads, you can see some of them selected from the site, which will help you earn the points you will need to buy two “mini upgrades “: The first, 50 points cost, allows for a week to avoid the first countdown at the beginning of each ad. The second cost of 200 points guarantees a one week upgrade.


With reference to the referral system, the site allows standard 2% gain on referral clicks, which increase to 10% in case of upgrading to Verified (the first upgrade level) and 20% when upgrading to Pro (the tallest hoard). We have to say that the ref number, both direct and leased, is unlimited, even by standard. A percentage of bidding on banners from referrals and their upgrades is then paid. Wordlinx has 3 reference levels on which you can earn.
Obviously the site does not accept double accounts.

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