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🤑 You Need To Be Logged In To Start Mining! 🤑 You will need a Monero (XMR) Wallet to start mining, just go to your Monero wallet, copy your wallet, and paste it below, then press start mining, all earnings will be sent directly to your Monero wallet. *Instructions* -Get A Monero Wallet - Sign Up On AskPaccosi.Com - Log In Using The Button Below - Paste Your Monero Wallet Address - Click Start Mining - Done, Enjoy Free XMR! TIP: You can mine on multiple Cellphones & Computers to earn faster, As long as you have this page open, you will be mining Monero.

Disclaimer: All Information Contained Herein This Post Should Be Independently Verified And Confirmed. We As AskPaccosi.Com Do Not Accept Any Liability For Any Loss Or Damage Whatsoever Caused In Reliance Upon Such Information Or Services.
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