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As for those who waited and trusted AskPaccosi.Com for the Hacked dstv apk app, you all did great as it was published for free on our website without any extra charge. 7 up! The difference is clear!


Just after the hacked dstv apk app stopped working, we released another alternative FreeFlix app which wasn’t really straightforward or working can I say. We had lots of complains and request for another alternative on all our social platforms which was Secretly been sold by other blogs, telegram channels, whatsapp and lots more.

One thing I am pretty sure of is Nothing Lasts Forever! So why hoard something you know will definitely be leaked or casted in no time? As I am posting this right now, I’m pretty sure if this gets blocked again there would definitely be another hacked dstv apk app. So don’t be scared or worried, with AskPaccosi.Com, you have nothing to worry about.


I promised our telegram group members that I will deliver the latest and working DSTV Android apk which is getting all over the place with a price tag for free on AskPaccosi.Com website. I never joked when I said it, and here AskPaccosi.Com will be sharing the latest and trending hacked DSTV apk app for free.

Latest DStv apk hacked mod Dstv App For Android 2021/2022

This will be straightforward, so do ensure to  follow due steps accordingly to get started with watching unlimited DSTV channels for free using the latest hacked dstv apk app.

  • Open DSTV Bot via Telegram.
  • Complete the 2 minutes survey.
  • Click the Install DSTV Hacked link.
  • Download and install the latest hacked DSTV apk.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded the latest hacked dstv apk app, simply locate the downloaded hacked dstv apk from your file manager – – – – Download folder!
  • Now tap on the Hacked dstv apk app to get it installed.
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For other tech blogs sending me mails and whatsapp DM’s saying I am spoiling their business and also insulting me for sharing lots of things for free, should kindly note that I will not adhere to whatsoever they are saying and I will gladly get them blocked when next I get such messages from them. If you have paid for the latest hacked dstv apk app from other sources, we are sorry because it is 100% free.

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Note that, this works for all Android, iOS devices, and it’s totally free. So we plead that you share this post for free and do share the love across to your friends and family members.

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