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Spread The Love!😍

Dosh is another cash back app that provides payment when you shop at selected retailers with your linked credit or debit card.

The app is easy to install and very user-friendly. This means that you don’t need to worry about scanning receipts, logging in before you make a purchase or using promo codes.

Every time you use a linked card with a qualifying merchant, Dosh automatically calculates the spend and adds your cashback to your “Dosh Wallet.”

When your wallet hits $25 or more, you can receive a payment via PayPal or direct deposit.

Since Dosh has so many qualifying merchants, including retail stores, online stores, restaurants, and even gas stations, you can enjoy significant cashback with your everyday spending (you need to click through the app to get credit for online purchases).

The amount of cashback varies according to the retailer, but some of the most popular retailers offer decent cashback, such as Walmart offering 6%, Target 1.25%, and Macy’s online at 2.25%.

You can even earn 1% at Exxon gas stations. So, if you plan your regular shopping, you will start to earn money fast.

Spread The Love!😍