BTC Click Pro is a Telegram based bot which connects both advertisers and earners. Advertisers buys ads on our fixed bids and earners click those ads and get rewarded.


Both BTC Click Bot and BTC Click Pro were created by the only difference between the two is the quality of traffic given to the advertisers and the amount of earning each user can get per task completed.

Advertisers who place ads on BTC Click Pro work on fixed bids. Their minimum bid for pay per click is 0.00005 with a maximum of 0.00085 per click.


Everyone can place ads on BTC Click Pro but they do protect other advertisers by reviewing all ads before approving them which protects their earners from scam and malicious content. If you believe that your content is friendly and readable, you can also place your ads by clicking “My Ads”

Advertisers who place ads on BTC Click Pro bot includes Telegram, Coinbase, Medium, CoinTelegraph, TronWorld, BBC News, CrowdFire, TikTok, Binance, SkyNet, USAToday, BitcoinNews and many more.

How much you earn will depend on the bid of the advertiser, but no click/task will reward anything less than 0.00005

Also note that there are no limits when it comes to how many ads/tasks you can click/complete per day, giving you an opportunity to work when you want and earn when you want.

Withdrawal Proof

Last Payment Received: Today

If you upgrade your account Today, you will earn for the next 30 days, without any limits or restrictions.

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You can withdraw your funds once every 24 hours as soon as you reach a small minimum of 0.00005 BTC.


If you invite someone to use BTC Click Pro bot, you will get 5000 Satoshi when they upgrade their account, 5000 Satoshi when they renew their account and an additional 5% lifetime profit every time they complete tasks or view ads.

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