We are giving away free 100 000 Doge coin to all crypto lovers and doge earners!

Are you a fan of Doge coin? Or maybe you are just a beginner and wish to hold a piece of crypto on less than 3 minutes without investing? Well i have good news for you!

The reason behind this as a way of giving back to all my fans, try to build a positive relationship between my users for actually being real users!

How To Participate?

Participation is very simple and open to anyone, all you have to do is to give a 5 star rate and a positive review, follow us on telegram and done, you have your free doge!

So This Is How The Doge Will Be Paid:

  • Rate 5 Star (2 Doge)
  • Give Positive Review (4 Doge)
  • Follow On Telegram (2 Doge)
  • Click Ad ( 2 Doge)
  • Total = 10 Doge Per User
  • Invite Friends = 1 Doge Per Invite (Optional)

Make Sure To have The Following Handy:

  • Doge Wallet.
  • Telegram.
  • Email For Rating & Review.

After done with the above simple steps, make sure to take Screenshots as they will be required for verification to avoid cheating.

There are still plenty of Giveaways which i will be distributing from now on, make sure you stay a member on Telegram so that you won’t miss a thing!

Click below to open Our Telegram bot and access all steps to get free doge, when on the bot menu, Click on get Free Doge.

I Love you so much, keep sharing with your Friends and Family 😘.

TIP: You Must Tick And Confirm That You Are Not A Robot, After That You Will Be Re-Directed To Destination Page.