StartXchange is also included in top traffic exchange websites. These sites offer three types of membership


Free Membership Where anyone is free to join but they must have to visit at least three websites in order to get one visitor to their site. They allow users to advertise only five banners and ten websites. They also give good profits through referrals to friends.

Gold membership offers a 30% referral commission to their member if his/her referral buys traffic from these sites. Every month you have got a bonus of 250 credits and 20 banner impressions. Here you are allowed to advertise thirty banners and fifty websites. If you visit two websites you get one visitor for your sites. For this membership, you have to pay only $6 per month.


Platinum Membership has a very minimum surf ratio, you just have to visit one website and you get one visitor for your sites. This membership also permits you to advertise up to 30 banners and 50 websites and gives you a 30% referral commission. You get a bonus of 500 credits and 30,000 banner impressions per month. This membership costs you $14.95 monthly.

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