Here is another method using HTTP Injector and its ehi config file which you will tweak to enjoy unlimited Cell C free browsing cheat this month of the year. Thanks to blogs like  for providing this particular Cell C ehi config file for free.



  • An Android phone.
  • Cell C 3G or 4G sim without active data.
  • Use the default Cell C APN settings.
  • Latest HTTP Injector vpn – download here.
  • HTTP Injector Config for Cell C – download here.

HTTP Injector vpn delivers more faster connection and fixes the annoying disconnection issues you use to experience on AnonyTun and other vpn apps.


The most interesting part is that this app is totally free to download and use on Android phones. Having said that, I will show you how to apply HTTP Injector settings and import the Cell C config file in it.


Remember that this cheat works both on Android and computers (PC) and it’s still blazing right now. Below is all you need to get started.