Since Bitcoin climbed $10,000 again, it has been all about Investing and Trading on the net and social medias.

As you may have noticed that Crypto Mint was not working for the past few days, which gave me a Hell of a shock as i just activated a Diamond plan and only got paid for 12 days, i was really out of my mind.

I tried contacting them but there was no respond, i then quickly warned all my followers on WhatsApp group and Telegram channel, to stop joining the site.

But then after a couple of hours i got a an Email from Crypto Mint stating the following: ”Dear Investor, We are aware that the site is currently down and unaccessible, this is due to maintenance which is being made to the site and the company as a whole. We apologize and promise to be back running in the coming 2 working days, Regards Lahm, CEO.”

Well, it sounded promising to me, but i did not want to rush into conclusions as i was not sure if they mean what they said or not.

But exactly after 2 days as they mentioned, i got another Email stating that all my payments for the past 2 days have been sent to my wallet and the site is back running.

I rushed into my Coinbase wallet just to be sure if they really paid me, and Yes they did, afterwards i logged back into my Crypto Mint account and the site was back and running smoothly which shows that there were indeed some backgrounds being made, as you can see a proof of payment i received attached below.

So if you were wondering if there is still any hope on the site, Yes there is still one, since 2010 in the existence and without any issues, it was really hard for me to accept that the site is really gone. As i somehow took it as a source of income because of it’s legitimacy.

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