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Spread The Love!😍

A San Francisco based company with a vision to start a service that would give the luxury of a concierge service with practicality of an assistant. Zirtual was founded by Maren Kate in 2011.

They have grown to have clients that live all around the globe. Zirtual’s drive is to provide jobs for the unemployed US workers, stay at home moms, retirees and the college students.

The only requirement is to have passion to provide top-notch customer service with quality work and have a strong passion to help others.

Zirtual is a company that does things just a little different than other virtual assistant companies. This is what makes Zirtual a great work at home opportunity.

When you are brought into the Zirtual family you then become a ZA. A ZA is a Zirtual Assistant. ZA’s will be responsible to handle and carry out a variety of different tasks.

Each day will be a little different from the last, as the needs of your client changes so will their requirement from you. Today you may be looking up the perfect anniversary gift for your client’s spouse and the next you may be researching for a proposal that is just a day away for presentation.

ZA’s must be flexible. You never know what the day will hold for you and your client therefor Zirtual will look for individuals with the flexibility trait.

Spread The Love!😍