Bitcoin is popularly known as the currency of the internet, but there have not been major digital marketing advertisements or schemes to spread its awareness among the masses. Major network platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google have already banned crypto advertisements for some time now. There are now several blockchain ad network platforms that help you to advertise bitcoin and crypto-related ads on their sites. All of these ad networks have their own set of features, rates and ad campaign plans that make them unique.

A few months ago I was eagerly searching for best Best cryptocurrency advertising network and I tried almost every network listed above including Adsense. I put CoinZilla at the top, in my experience, it is the best ad network for crypto traffic. You can bargain with them for better CPM and they actually consider it. They offered me almost double CPM then any other network. If you are not going for an affiliate of direct ads then it is worth giving CoinZilla a chance and don’t forget to discuss your CPM with your account manager.

I would like to recommend an article on Best Crypto Affiliate Networks if you are interested in CPM, CPL, CPA and Revenue share offers.


Founded in 2017, Coinverti is a Belgium based cryptocurrency ad network which offers high-quality advertising solution to advertisers as well as publishers. The network offers an Anti-fraud mechanism to identify and eliminate Bot and spam traffic. With the help of a real-time performance report, users can track the performance of the ad unit. Currently, it offers banner ads, native ads, In-feed ads and popunder ads to publishers.

Coinverti accepts self-hosted, high-quality websites related to cryptocurrency and blockchain only and offers payments in Bitcoin While they charge 0.0002 BTC as withdrawal fee for the payment. For advertisers it offers high quality targetted crypto traffic. Advertisers can start their ad-campaign with 0.001 BTC minimum deposit. It offers personal account managers, banner design assistance as well.

2. A-ADS

A-ADS is considered to be one of the best and probably the oldest of the bitcoin ad networks so far. It is one of the safest platforms and does not track your personal details and does not allow any cookies to be left in the user’s computer.

  • It allows CPC, CPM advertising schemes.
  • No verification of user ID is required.
  • There is no sign-up page and you can register for an account by merely using your bitcoin address.
  • A-ADS has a very good reputation and always pays in time and is approves websites relatively fast as quick as 15 minutes.
  • It also provides good support to its visitors.
  • The interface is also very easy to use and is hassle free.


BitMedia is another crypto ad network offers Effective ads at affordable prices to its advertisers. They verify and validate each publisher manually to maintain the best possible ROI for advertisers. Different type of targeting available to advertisers which includes Geo, Device, Timing and Frequency.

They provide both CPM and CPC ad models with minimum bid starts from 0.0000205 BTC and 0.000025 for CPC and CPM ads respectively. Currently, they offer ads in text and banner format only. For publishers, they offer payments in BTC only.


Here advertisers bid for an ad space given in the website. The higher the bid the more you earn through the platform.

  • Here there is only one ad model that is banner that can be used as a text, image or interactive format.
  • Payments are made in real-time based on view and click on ads.
  • Returns on AdBit are also fairly good.


AdEx Network was founded in 2017 and it is among the first decentralized ad networks using blockchain to introduce transparency on the ad market and mitigate fraud.

  • AdEx has 300+ selected crypto and technology publishers. The network is filtering low quality, scammy and pay2surf websites to keep a good portfolio of publishers.
  • AdEx works on CPM model and payments are settled in DAI stable coin.
  • Advertisers and publishers receive real-time reporting to ensure maximum transparency.
  • There are no withdrawal thresholds or limits for publishers – they can withdraw whatever they earned whenever they want.
  • There is no minimum deposit for advertisers and AdEx often runs cashback promotions.



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