Did you know that you can earn bitcoin from PTC sites? For those who have not heard of the acronym PTC, Paid to click (PTC) are sites that pay you money for viewing their advertisements. The procedure is simple, clear and you don’t need any investments to earn this online money (bitcoin). Remember, you get paid in the comfort of your home. This online business model has proved to be a success because it has paid a lot of people thought the world.

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Paid to click sites act as business middlemen between advertisers and the site members. Usually, advertisers or online marketers require a lot of traffic to their blogs to promote their products and services. Therefore, they seek traffic from these bitcoin PTC sites that initially have large numbers of registered users throughout the world.

This is because these users are always ready to view any new advertisement. Thus, the bitcoin Paid to click sites deliver high traffic that needed by online advertisers and marketers in exchange for bitcoin (satoshi). The sites then divide the bitcoin for payment of ad viewers every day.

How To Register To Earn Free Bitcoin?


Take note that, we recommend a few Paid per click bitcoin sites because we have done the testing for you before we publish these sites. This means that you will have no doubts about getting payments. Registration for these sites is simple and straightforward.

You only need to complete a registration form and confirm your Email ID. After registration, you will log into your account and then view every available advertisement ads. On clicking the ads, you will earn bitcoin, and also see the bitcoin (satoshi) being credited to your account after you have viewed the ads for a specific period. Every ad is usually shown from 5-30 seconds although payment may vary depending on the ad.

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For every click you will make on these legit sites, you will earn from 0.001 mBTC to 0.05 mBTC depending on the membership you have chosen. Now let’s dive straight into the Top 7 Highest Paying Bitcoin PTC Sites (Legit With Payment Proofs).

Site NameRatingsSite Link
1. FreeBitcoIn5/5Join Here
2. CoinPayu5/5Join Here
3. Cointiply5/5Join Here
4. BTCBux5/5Join Here
5. AdBTC4/5Join Here
6. Allcoins4/5Join Here
7. BtcVic3/5Join Here
8. GraBTC3/5Join Here
9. CoinBulb3/5Join Here
10. BTC-Clicks3/5Join Here

How can you increase your earning?

Paid to click sites pay way less (0.001 mBTC to 0.05 mBTC) for each ad you watch as compared to other online bitcoin making opportunities. The best solution to this problem is finding the best way to improve your PTC earnings.


The solution is also not complicated; you only need to ensure you log into the account every day and view all the ads available. For high chances of getting more ads login at least 2-3 times a day. You should also get the premium membership and direct referrals to increase your earning. Premium membership allows you to view more ads.

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