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Spread The Love!😍

Surveyeah is a paid survey site, and the name implies that it is a survey site that will make you say yeah because it is a great site with great opportunities.

Surveyeah is a simple survey site, where the only way to earn is by taking surveys. Many survey sites also offer other ways of earning, but it is not necessarily a bad thing that a site only has surveys. It can make it more focused and easier to use.

Surveyeah is definitely easy to use. You cannot really get confused about how to take surveys on the site.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email every time there is an available survey.

It will however not be a huge amount of surveys you will get. Probably 2-8 surveys per month depending on where you live.

So paid surveys are the only way to make money on Surveyeah. There are however also a few other aspects that might be useful for you, and a few things that are worth knowing about the page before you decide whether to join or not.

Surveyeah has several social media channels, where you can follow them and get news. These are not used very often, and there are not a lot of posts there.

Personally, I find the social media channels a bit confusing, because they use different languages as I already mentioned earlier.

Most posts seem to be in Italian (guessing it is because the owners are Italian), which can seem a bit strange for a site that is available in so many countries. Some posts are however also in English.

When you do a survey on Surveyeah, you will get paid in your local currency into your Surveyeah account. You will usually be able to see the reward shortly after having completed the survey.

Before doing any survey, you will be able to see what the reward will be, and what the estimated length of the survey is.

The estimated length is however not that useful, as it depends on a lot of different things, and on your answers, how long it will take.


I have done surveys that are estimated to 20 minutes in 10 minutes but also done surveys estimated to be 10 minutes that took longer for me. So it is just an estimate.

Spread The Love!😍