If you want to make some extra cash completing surveys and other paid offers, SuperPay offers a quick and easy way to increase your income.

What Is SuperPay.Me?

SuperPay is an appthat pays you for completing free paid trials, free paid surveys, watching videos, clicking PTC ads and other free paid offers.

The point they want to get across is that each time you complete an offer, you’re the one getting paid and it costs nothing to do them.

Registration is free, and the amount of cash you earn per task depends on how long it takes to complete and the type of task (we’re going to cover this more in detail below).

Also, there’s no restrictions on the country your in. Although offers may differ from place to place, there’s still something for everyone. 

New offers are updated daily, so if you enjoy using their website, be sure to check back often. You can find offers by hitting the “Earn Money” tab.

How Do I Get Started Earning Money With SuperPay.Me?

If you want to sign-up and start earning cash with SuperPay.Me, it can be done in just 3 steps.

1. Register. You can create a new account FREE. From there, click on the “Sign-Up For Free” button near the top of the page. You’ll be asked to enter some basic information such as your name, email, and PayPal address.

2. Complete offers. You can find offers to complete by clicking the “Earn Money” tab near the top of the page. The amount you earn per task will be displayed before you actually complete it.

3. Cash out. Once you’ve received a minimum of $1 dollar in your account, you can cash out to either PayPal, Skrill, Payza, or for Amazon Gift Cards.

How Much Can I Earn With SuperPay.Me?

Here’s where we determine whether SuperPay is worth it for you or not. We’re going to cover each type of task that you can complete with a rough estimate of how much you can make doing them.

In any case, I highly recommend giving it a shot for a while to see if you can get used to it and enjoy using it. All of these offers can be found under the Earn Money tab.

Daily Paid Surveys

With their surveys, you’re looking at earning anywhere from around $.50 cents to $1.50 for 10-20 minutes of work. I mostly recommend the higher-paying ones since usually they don’t take much longer, but if you have some time to kill feel free to complete all of them. Definitely recommended.

Worldwide Offers

This section is specifically for international users who might not have many offers in other sections. The payout is usually pretty low for the amount of time spent, but you can expect to earn around $.50 cents to $2 dollars per offer. You might end up spending 20-30 minutes per each one, however.

Live Paid Surveys

I tend to stay away from this section as it requires additional information and a lot of extra work compared to other sections.

WannaAds Paid Surveys

This section has quick surveys with some of the highest payouts on the site. Definitely my number one choice for those willing to put in a little time and effort.

Here you earn points, and 1 point is equal to $.01 cents. Sometimes you can earn $1 just for 5 minutes of work, which isn’t a bad return at all.

Paid Videos By Virool

Not a high payout rate, but definitely for the lazy. Simply click a button every few minutes and get paid. If you want to be really lazy, click the play button and listen to the ad in the background while completing other tasks.

It’s that simple. This section is not passive as you have to click for a new video each time one finishes playing.

Paid To Click

I don’t even bother with this page since each time you click an ad, you’re only going to earn 1/1000 of a penny, or some other extremely low amount.

Refer A Friend

This is definitely the best way to earn cash with SuperPay.Me. It requires little work and a quick post to Facebook and Twitter is all you need to get a few friends to join. You’ll earn 25% of whatever your referrals make.

Final Thoughts

You can get some decent payout rates if you do the right tasks. In any case, give it a try to see if you enjoy it.



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