Fast Shiba Miner is an automated telegram bot that specifically deal with SHIB mining, this bot claims to pay up to 35% ROI in just 12 hours, I made a deposit on the bot and today I will be sharing my reviews upon the outcome of my recent deposits on the Fast Shiba Miner robot.


➖ Min Deposit: 1000 SHIB
➕ Max Deposit: 1,000,000 SHIB
💲 Fee: 0 SHIB

Profit: 35% After 12 Hours (Example: You Deposit 5000 SHIB & Get 6500 SHIB After 12 Hours) For Example, If You Invest On 12:00, Your Profit Will Be Distributed Automatically After 12 Hours.


Like Bitcoin, AHIB has seen the rise of ASICs, or application-specific integrated circuits, which is a fancy way of saying devices built specifically for mining. Although SHIB’s mining algorithm, Scrypt, was originally designed to be ASIC-resistant, ASIC manufacturers eventually found a way around that.

The introduction of ASICs, which are much more powerful than home computing equipment, at least for the purposes of mining, has made mining SHIB much harder for the average individual since those using CPUs (computing processing units) and GPUs (graphics processing units) now have to compete with ASIC miners.

How To Start Mining On Fast Shiba Miner bot?

To Earn SHIB On Fast Shiba You will need a SHIB wallet Address, add it on the Bot via Account> Set Wallet Address then head over to deposit and send any amount between 1000 SHIB and 1 Million SHIB. Profit of 35% will be sent directly to your SHIB wallet Address after 12 hours of an active deposit.

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How Fast Shiba Miner Makes Profits?

The bot automatically distribute all deposits to out top mining pool provides such as Binance, Webpool, Antminer, Mining Treasure and others, we get a fixed 50% on each and every investment made, we take 15% for gas and electricity maintenance and pay you 35% in just 12 hours, the higher you deposit the more profit you get. Deposits from 50,000 Shiba or more get a static 50% profit with no gas & electricity fee deducted.

Payment Proof?

How Will I Get Paid?


Through the SHIB wallet that you will provide to the bot, no need to withdraw, all payments are sent automatically every minute 24/7, if you invest at 07:00 your deposit and payout + 35% profit will be distributed after 12 hours.

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