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The blockchain industry has its own name, and several important things are associated with it. Among all those, Initial Coin Offering that is ICO is considered as one of the most important. With the help of the Initial Coin Offering Platform, it will become easier for the owners to re-sell and access the products and services.

If you are also planning to become a successful ICO Development Company or Idea owner, then you must check out some essential factors. Here in this comprehensive guide, I’m going to provide you all the essential details that can help you out to prepare for a successful ICO launch. So, let’s get started.


In every business or startup, it is essential to understand the whole concept. Just like any other typical startup, it will begin with an idea, and you need to ensure that you will pursue it. Moreover, it should sound realistic to the people going to invest in your business. It is one of the most basic points that you need to consider.

The Core Team

It is necessary for the stakeholders to know and have details about the people who will develop the product and is included in the project. For this, you need to list out the name of all the team members going to work on the project and also try to gather their details like their LinkedIn profiles.

Give the stakeholders all the essential details about the project team members. Additionally, showcase their past work in front of them and highlight their proven track record of success.

It will help you out in gaining the credibility of your product. Additionally, this factor will also help you out in convincing the stakeholders up to an extent. After all, the stakeholders do not invest in the product, but in the team and people going to work for it.


You must have a well-rounded and structured plan for your project. However, you should know how you are going to pursue your plan and who you are willing to fund your startup as well. The implementation idea of the ICO Development Company project must include each and every detail related to the technicalities, finance, and marketing as well.

  • You should know that on which technology you are going to build your product upon.
  • All the functionalities and features of the product must be understood by you and the team completely.
  • You should be clear by the fact that how much amount of capital you are willing to raise and what is the annual budget as well.
  • The salary of the team members also plays an important role as it also affects the financial terms.
  • The calculated estimation of ROI to the stakeholders and investors, along with the plan for presale, must be clear.
  • You should be specific about the currency you are going to accept, like the Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other.
  • There should be a deep knowledge regarding marketing activities, and you should set up the goals according to your deadline.

In the ICO process, planning is one of the most important factors that is required to be considered. When it comes to raising funds in the crypto world, the stakeholders are still quite skeptical, and this is due to the uncertainty is occurring. Hence, if you try to be transparent, then it will help them out in believing in you and get clear thoughts about the project as well. Additionally, your transparency will also help a lot in clearing the doubts as well.

Legal Entities

Whenever someone else’s money is invested in your work, then it becomes most important to cover all the legal aspects properly. Before completing the documentation regarding ICO Launching Service, you must consult the law firms that have experience in the ICO process for cryptocurrency startups as well.

There are some amazing and reputed law firms available that you can consider. Must remember that the compliance of ICO varies according to the country where you are going to start up your business.

Road Map

If you are willing your investors to invest their money in your ICO Software Development project, then it is important for you to gain their confidence. It can only be done if you present a well-defined plan in front of them and justify it according to your visions.

You must share your vision along with the milestone that you are willing to achieve. Always try to make your proposal sound realistic and good to them. Additionally, the stakeholders must need to see their own profit in the project, and then only they will invest their money.

Community Marketing

Do not forget to create a Buzz about whatever you are willing to do and going to do. If your investors are not having details about the project, then there is no point in creating the tokens. With the help of community marketing, you will be primarily targeting the capitalists who can raise their funds in your project. There are multiple ways that you can adapt to create the bus regarding your project.

  • Participate in forums: You can easily participate in the forums. There the genuine ICO prospects discuss the projects available on the popular ICO Discussion forums.
  • ICO listing sites: You must refer to the ICO listing sites so that you can easily get updated with the best token sales, best offerings, and also the statistics as well.
  • Social Media Marketing: It is always the best way to create a buzz about the project. You can easily join relevant groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as well. Post your ideas and thoughts related to the project with hashtags. It will help the investors to get connected with you, and it will be easy for you as well to reach them.
  • Influencer Marketing: It is a quite tricky method to adopt, but still, it works amazingly if you complete it without having any complexities. All you need to do is to find the people who matter in the business of cryptocurrencies and just associate your product with them. Search people talk about your product; then it will automatically stand out amongst others.
  • Paid Promotions: It is also an amazing method that you can adopt. On the basis of demographic situations, you can easily target your audience and enhance content marketing. You can easily run ads on different digital and social media platforms like Google AdWords, remarketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others.


It is necessary for you to remember that you should always have various prototype options in hand so that you can easily show them to the investors. This process must be completed at the initial stage even before starting the ICO process, as it will help you out invalidating the idea before raising funds.

Token Exchange

Once the token is created, then and you need to place it to the different exchange markets where people can easily purchase and sell. There are some amazing best Bitcoin exchange sites available that you can consider. However, it is important to follow the compliances of the websites so that you do not feel any sort of hassles.

White Paper

You should have one key document that includes all the details about your project. It should include the process like how your product is going to work, all the details about the team members, the method you are going to adapt for using the tokens, allocation of your tokens, and others. Completing and writing of white papers quite a complicated task, but it is quite important.

It incorporates all the essential details in just one document. In order to complete it, you should meet the professional writers. The quality of the white paper must be amazing, and for that, you need to pay extra attention to it. After completion of the white paper, you must verify it with other resources. Throughout the ICO process, the white paper is one of the most crucial factors to adapt.

So, this was all included in the ICO checklist that you need to determine while launching a successful initial coin offering point before stepping towards the Initial Coin Offering Platform. It is necessary for you to take a check over all the factors so that no point of confusion mistake occurs.

Disclaimer: All Information Contained Herein This Post Should Be Independently Verified And Confirmed. We As AskPaccosi.Com Do Not Accept Any Liability For Any Loss Or Damage Whatsoever Caused In Reliance Upon Such Information Or Services.
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