If you are familiar with Forsage mining, then you are quite familiar of the good service that this company brings to it’s clients.


Recently, they released a telegram bot which makes it easy for you to earn ETH using telegram, the good thing is, they also added other crypto to mine such as BTC.


Forsage is not like other investment platforms, there is a bit of confusion when it comes to registering and depositing ETH using Metamask, so the telegram bot makes it even 80% easy to use compared to the site.

Getting Started?

  • Add Wallet Address From Account Manager (ETH or BTC Depending On The Plan You Want To Buy) You Can Add Both Wallets If You Are Going To Buy Both BTC & ETH Contacts.
  • Buy Mining Plan.
  • Start Receiving Passive Income.
  • OPTIONAL: Invite And Earn 20% Bonus!
  • Minimum Withdrawal Only $0.5 USD!
  • All Forsage Plans Runs For 30 Days, You Can Re-Invest Or Buy Multiple Contracts At The Same Time.

Scam Or Legit?


As proven by my latest payment above, forsage mining bot is 100% legit and safe to use. Click below to join bot now free.

How It Works & Live Withdrawal