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Spread The Love!😍

EvaDav is a push-notification platform that generally provides native push ads to publishers. And no doubt, these insert ads generate more revenue for publishers than any other regular ads…

In addition, these ads generate higher conversions. Therefore, advertisers use them to promote their products and services.

At a time when advertisements are less effective and the pop industry is suffering, ads have shown significant growth, but continue to grow at a threatening rate. You can use these ads and get more revenue from your traffic.

The ad network based on push notifications is a new product focused on monetizing websites and providing a push notification service.

Automatic notifications appear as small pop-up windows on the user’s device screen (PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

Push ads not only give you an advantage over regular ads, but they also generate revenue for life, even after those ad units have been removed from your site. You can easily take advantage of them in order to monetize your website.

EvaDav For Publishers

Actually, EvaDav offers the easiest way to increase revenue for publishers. A new way to monetize your traffic. As here EvaDav generally offers a new monetization format right for your websites like the push notifications, rapid integration, high-quality content, and the highest eCPM rate right among all ad formats that really makes it as the most attractive option for the publishers out there.

The best part about EvaDav platform is that it mainly connects you with a global advertising exchange from best advertisers. It does not matter if the user visited your site or found it by accident on the web.

As here with EvaDav once your subscribe sign-up for the push messaging system on your website, he will remain the connected right to the website and from there you can earn good revenue form your visitors and subscribers.

Spread The Love!😍