Dogecoin X2 is a telegram bot which claims to be able to multiply your Doge every 24 hours, in this review we will check if the bot really pays or just some bluffs.


This Is What It Says On Dogecoin X2

Which coins I can invest?
You can invest DogeCoin

What is the minimum withdrawal?
There is no minimum withdrawal, you earn what you invested, for example if you invest 5000 DogeCoin you will earn (100%) The next day.

How much profit will i Earn?
You will earn X2 (Double your investment after 24 Hours)


How to set up wallet?’
Just Click on Wallet and send your Bitcoin Walllet Address for payouts to the bot.

How to Invest?
Click on Deposit to fund your account, a payment address will be generated, send any amount between 5000 Doge and 1 Million Doge, the amount you send will be credited to your account within 15 minutes.

I have more questions, how can i reach to you?
You can send a message to our support team via support tab, we typically reply within a minute!

Scam Or Legit?


Dogecoin X2 Bot is 100% legit as you can see from my latest withdrawal proof above, simply click below to join the bot free and get 50 doge as a welcome bonus.

How It Works & Live Withdrawal