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Spread The Love!😍

Crowdtap is a product review site where it pays you to give your opinion and test different products for companies. Many people mistake this site for a survey site.

This is because the site has thousands of questions that you can answer to earn points towards gift cards and other rewards. You’ll even receive free samples delivered right to your home.

All you need to do is keep these samples, test them, and tell the company what you thought of them. This is a US based company and because they ship products to your home for testing it isn’t open to anyone living outside the US.

First off, you’ll be reviewing products. The company can send you different samples in the mail for you to review. You will test the product and give feedback on how you liked it. The company is looking for honest feedback. So if you didn’t like the product, you must tell them the truth.

The site has different missions for you to complete. A basic mission is to test a product and write up a review or give feedback on the product.

You don’t need a blog or website to work for this company. All the reviews you write are sent directly to the company.

The missions that are available to you were determined during your sign-up process. When you signed up with the company and filled out your profile, you told them what you were interested in.

On the site, you can participate in different Polls. A poll is one of the easiest ways to earn points on the site. In a poll you are asked a question, you’ll need to read the answer, and just check the answer that is correct for you.

They offer questionnaires for you to fill out and complete. A questionnaire is very similar to a poll, but it is much longer. They have in-depth questions for you to answer.

Spread The Love!😍
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