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Spread The Love!😍 is a XRP faucet, and it is based on a dice-roll sort-of game, which is supposed to generate free XRP every hour.

I learned about this faucet when one of our subscribers asked us to investigate Apparently, was the previous domain used by the people who brought you CoinFaucet.

The faucet stands out by virtue of the fact that instead of drawing “players” back to its roll page once a day, it does so every hour.

As soon as you hit the roll button and are assigned a random number, by a “provably fair” random number generator, a countdown timer starts, and before you know it, you’re ready to take your chance again.

There’s even a payout table featured just above the roll button, which details the amount of Ripples one will receive for every roll, in XRP as well as USD.

Apparently, the higher the resulting number, the bigger the payout will be. Those who roll between 10,000 and 10,000 (no mistake, that’s exactly what it says on the site), get XRPs worth $300.

Needless to say, the odds on rolling exactly 10,000 have to be extremely small, given how the model would definitely be unsustainable, if that amount were paid out even once a week/month.

Most of the rolls will result in numbers below 9,885, which are worth about $0.0003 – hardly worth anyone’s time. In fact, this is the main complaint that users have regarding the service: it pays VERY little, even compared to other similar services, which aren’t exactly going to break the bank either.

Numbers between 9,886 and 9,985 are worth $0.03. The 9,986-9,993 range pays $0.3, while the 9,994-9,997 range is worth $3. Those who roll 9,998 or 9,999 can consider themselves lottery-winners: their rolls are worth $30.

Should I Trust

The site does what it says it does, at the above-detailed cost. They’re not lying to you, so yes, you can trust them. If it is worth your time and the risks entailed by the repeated visiting of suspicious web-junk, by all means, go for it.

Additional Coinfaucet Features

Besides the above-detailed faucet feature, also have a “Multiply XRP” and “Lottery” feature, which are supposed to increase their users’ earning potential.

At the cost of having a couple more junk sites popped into our faces, we learned that these sections of the website are currently under construction.

The referral program on the other hand, seems to work fine. If you bring someone into the fold, you will apparently receive 50% of the prizes this person pockets. At one point, you will also get a free lottery ticket for every roll these people make.

Spread The Love!😍