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Spread The Love!😍

Candicator is a predictive analytics platform that uses machine learning and collective intelligence from over 130,000 analysts to forecast the outcome of stock and crypto markets.

Anyone can become a Cindicator analyst by signing up and answering different questions listed on the platform.

The questions include estimating the likeliness of an asset to be traded above or below a certain price, or the highest and lowest price an asset will be traded in a specific time period, as to calculate the support and resistance levels through crowd intelligence.

For each successful forecast, analysts get rewarded with points, which, in addition to the echelon they belong to, is used to calculate their claim to the 1.25 BTC pool for Crypto forecasts and $7500 for the Stock forecasts.

The rewards are converted into CND tokens and distributed to the lucky winners, who can withdraw their balance from 150 CND or 0.01 ETH.

Additionally, the analysts topping the monthly leaderboard get free access to the analytics platform and its multiple features, to further benefit their portfolio with informed decisions.

Spread The Love!😍