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Spread The Love!😍

Buzzbreak is a mobile app where you can read news, funny memes, and many more. But there is more, they are also giving you gifts which can be converted into money.

When you click on the gifts button down on the right side. You will receive 5 points per 30 seconds. Before it is giving more points but now it is limited to 5 points only.

BuzzBreak 3 Things to know!

  • 1. 2000 Minimum Points To Achieve
  • 2. $0.02 Can be withdrawn to PayPal
  • 3. 1100 Points per Referral

The Advantage of this App is that it has 2000 low points minimum withdrawal that can be cashout into PayPal. And You don’t have to give a lot of effort to achieve this mission.

The Disadvantage of this App is that it has a very very low cashout potential. Wanting to earn $100 in a month in this app is not achievable. Except if you have 1000 followers. LOL!

How Buzzbreak make money?

Buzzbreak is making money by letting other companies advertise their product or services in their platform and they will get a small commission once someone will click it and purchase some products.

That is one of my theories on how they are generating money on their website.

What I can recommend to them is just make a version for Desktop. So many users can use it in their Laptop.

To earn $5 extra bonus, enter my referral code B00084910 after you start using it!

So is Buzzbreak legit or scam? My answer is legit. They are paying you money once you have reached the minimum points of withdrawal.

Is this App Worth Your Time?

Technically No. You will just waste a lot of time playing with this and receive a little in return. You can also check other fast free apps like PrizeRebel, CoinPot, GrabPoints, Pivot, GetPaidTo, ySense, and more, that can earn you at least $10 – $30 per day by completing tasks.

Well, That’s just it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Comment if you have used the referral code and let me know how many points you have received so we can help other readers.

Spread The Love!😍