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The ANXPRO exchange it a different digital exchange, with an unusually high number of fiat currency supported and a bitcoin debit card offer, too. ANXPRO is the brainchild of ANX International, also known previously as Asia Nexgen, a blockchain fintech company.

ANX launched ANX Blockchain Services (ABS) in 2016, the cloud platform where users can create digital assets and wallets, and the ANXPRO exchange was a key component of the ABS launch.

Still sometimes confusing to newcomers as all the acronyms still abound online and are used interchangeably by some, the exchange was initially called ANXBTC.ANXPRO today has over 3 million users in more than 50 countries around the world.

Although now seen as somewhat pricey in comparison to many competitors, ANXPRO has handled more than 100 million transactions since inception.

Bitcoin rules on ANXPRO, and the company debit card allows users to spend bitcoin at retailers worldwide by tying fiat conversions in on the backend. This lets users shop as though they’re spending fiat, as with any other consumer bank card.

Spread The Love!😍